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The Price of Business Digital Network

In addition to the nationally syndicated radio show (below), there is also the Price of Business Digital Network.  Each member of the network has its own unique content emphasis and editorial perspective.  Members of the Network include:,,,,,,, and


The Price of Business Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

The Price of Business is nationally syndicated through USA Business Radio and airs on Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Time on broadcast stations coast to coast.  Interviews on the Price of Business air on through USA Business Radio affiliates and on the largest web platforms in the world.

Regardless of where you are you can check out the Price of Business at Tune In, which is one of the largest web platforms for media in the world.  Tune in Saturday at 1 PM ET.  Also, don’t forget to check our continuously updated show archive for the latest segments. Those segments are aired on numerous national sites

For years one of our goals was to create our own affiliate network of stations, and we are doing that through our long term partner, USA Business Radio, which is working directly with stations and station groups, coast to coast to get the program in more markets.  We are excited about this effort and now have 16 stations new affiliates coast to coast — from California to Pennsylvania, and markets in between.

The Following are the current list of stations on which you can find the Price of Business show (Saturday, 1 PM ET).

All shows are archived  here.

Listen to the weekly edition of the show live Saturday (1 PM ET) here.

List of USA Business Radio affiliates for the Price of Business show.

AM 1630 in Tampa, Florida

FM 92.1 in Tampa, Florida

AM 1520 in Las, Vegas

FM 99.5 in Las, Vegas

AM 870 in Macon, GA

FM 87.9 in Macon, GA

AM 1640 in Lancaster, PA

FM 102.1 in Lancaster, PA

FM 96.3 in Boulder, PA

FM 90.3 in Milwaukee, WI

FM 94.7 in Pittsburgh, PA

FM 101.5 in Long Beach, CA

FM 97.7 in The Villages, FL

FM 87.9 in Colorado Springs, CO

FM 90.3 in Jacksonville, FL

FM 88.3 in New Port Richey, FL

The Price of Business has also been distributed on the following stations.

KVHF (Fresno, CA)

WANN (Atlanta, GA)

KITZ (Seattle, WA)

KGTZ (Seattle, WA)

KBNP (Portland, OR)

WGNU (St. Louis, MO)

KLTR (Oklahoma City, OK)

WGOC (Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol, TN and VA)

WGCH (Stamford-Norwalk, CT)

KRFE (Lubbock, TX)

WDXI (Jackson, TN)

KVBR (Brainerd, MN)

KBNN  (Lebanon, MO)

WKRO  (Cairo, KY)

KSWM (Aurora, MO)

WRTL (Carbondale, IL)

WBCF (Florence, AL)

WZGM (Ashville, NC)